Zahraa Jaber
Zahraa Jaber
Address: Usa
Category: Entrepreneur

Personal Details

Zahraa Jaber is an Iraqi American entrepreneur, content creator, and influencer. She is the Founder and CEO of Promirose brand hair care nutural products line. Known as promirose, zozo,.she was living in UAE all here life and moved to Michigan USA in 2019. On November 07, 2021, Zahraa’s birthday, she launched the PROMIROSE brand. She started expanding the brand to include bamboo hair brushes, soon shampoo and conditioner for hair growth and anti-hair fall, and she is working on too many products made from natural ingredients. So, her main goal was to focus on creating one product that is left on the hair with no need to wash the hair after applying and has a good smell. Zahraa set up her own company PROMIROSE.COM and later launched her first product, Pomirose hair growth oil.