Mohammad Alvee Rana
Mohammad Alvee Rana
Address: Union Center Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh
Category: Entrepreneur, Investor

Personal Details

Alvee Rana, The Director Of Union Limited, One Of The Largest Conglomerate In Bangladesh. Mr. Rana’s Upbringing And Schooling In Different Countries Exposed Him To Different Cultures And Languages. He Joined The Singapore National Service Immediately After Graduating From High School And Served There For Two Years Which Instilled An Incomparable Work Ethic And Strong Leadership Skill In Him. His Tremendous Service And Achievements Have Portrayed His Perspective On Life. After Completion Of His Training, He Was Assigned To The Special Rescue Unit (SRU) In The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). He Worked And Volunteered For Great Causes With Many Non-Profit And Charitable Organizations To Raise Funds To Help Build Schools, Find Ways To Provide Light In Remote Villages And Many More.