About Us

FSindex, a social enterprise supported by EMK Center, is the first complete platform to discover Bangladeshi startups, entrepreneurs, and investors. Strategically developed by Future Startup, FSindex aims to be the home for information and data about Bangladeshi startups, entrepreneurs and investors.  

The platform is open and collaborative and it will remain so. You can add your own startup or a startup you know. You can also add your own profile or add or add a profile of an entrepreneur and investor you know.

To contribute to FSIndex, we require everyone, including past users, to register through social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn — this helps ensure user authentication and high quality contributions to FSindex. We'll never post anything through these social services without permission.

Why FSIndex?

Regardless of subject, finding information is always a difficult job in Bangladesh. For businesses it is equally applicable. There is no way to find great startups, and companies. Local entrepreneurs doing great works and investors investing in local and international companies. But these are important things to know if we want to build a healthy business ecosystem. And this is where FSindex aims to contribute, making business information accessible to all which was not so previously.

Primarily FSindex aims to contribute to following areas:

  1. Access to information: Making information related to startups, businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors accessible to all
  2. Enabling connection among stakeholders
  3. Building an open platform to facilitate proper understanding about Bangladesh startup and business eco-system.